Ss. Constantine & Helen Preschool

Greek Language & Music

Our students learn music through singing and listening to music. They use rhythm sticks to learn beat and tempo, both loud and soft. Music is used during the music class as well as during Greek lessons.

Children learn how to count in Greek as well as identifying body parts and other songs to music. Our music and language teacher, Vickie Glod, has taught in elementary schools for the past 25 years in both California public schools and Maryland private school.

Learning Second Languages Early

Three benefits of exposure to a second language at an early age:

1. Feeds their brains
Research shows learning a second language can boost problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills.

2. Boosts their academic achievement
The cognitive benefits of learning a language include improved reading, writing and math skills.

3. Nurtures their curiosity, cultural sensitivity, empathy, and tolerance
The experience of learning a language introduces children to the world in new and inclusive ways.

(Source: Lead with Languages)